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General course

Apollonius' problem. Conic sections. Polyhedra, regular polyhedra, representation, models and reconstruction from images. Cylinder, cone, and sphere. Introduction to 3D geometry, parallelism, perpendicularity, 3D-loci, 3D constructions. Methods of representation; multi-view system, axonometric sketch, modellig. Calculation on angles and distances.

Computer Literacy 2
This course is about introducing geometry in the virtual world.

Digital Representation
Fundamentals of vector graphics, two-dimensional (2D), and three-dimensional (3D) Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. Application of Cartesian and polar coordinate systems. CAD principles from simple 2D drafting to the developing of architectural drawings with the use of layers and library elements (blocks). 3D modelling of geometrical shapes and architectural details.

Descriptive Geometry 2 Curves and surfaces. Conoic sections. Generation of surfaces, tangent plane, contour point, contour line. Classification of surfaces; surfaces of revolution, quadratic, ruled, helical, conoid, developable surfaces. Intersection of surface and plane. Intersection of two surfaces. Shadows an shades of surfaces. Projection with elevation, topographical representation, earth works.

3D Modelling in AutoCAD
The course deals with typical architectural shapes, general modelling concepts and techniques, texture, lighting and rendering. In the second part of the semester students work autonomously (with occasional one-on-one consultations) on a model of their choice. Basic knowledge of AutoCAD / 3D modelling is advisable.

CAAD / Revit Architecture We will cover the basics of Revit and BIM in this course, to be able to create a simple house from conceptual phase, until the design documentation.
Building Information Modeling / ARCHICAD This course aims to expand the existing CAD knowledge of students to be able to create and modify complex CAD models easily. During the course, we use Archicad, so a basic knowledge of the program is expected.